Magnus Poirier was born on July 30, 1895.

His wife and future business partner, Ernestine Guénette, was born in Saint-Jérôme on July 2, 1894.

The Magnus Poirier company is the result of the tireless efforts of this young couple who wanted to build a good life for their future family.

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Magnus Poirier completed his embalming course on June 9, 1921 at the Dominion College of Embalming and began a career as an embalmer for the Maison J.S. Vallée in Montreal. This was the birth of a true passion. Ambitious, daring, enterprising and driven by an undeniable will to succeed, Magnus Poirier obtained his funeral director’s licence on March 15, 1923, and opened his first complex on Saint-Dominique Street in Montréal. This was followed by a series of acquisitions, innovations and modernizations that brought the company and the funeral industry to the level we know today.

Magnus Poirier offers personalized service to its clientele, supporting people through a time in life when they need warmth and comfort. These concerns have always guided the work of the Poirier family members. Like the founder, Magnus Poirier himself, they’ve always run a business that takes personal care of the families who trust them.  Your second family™, the current team is still carrying on this tradition of hospitality and generosity. Magnus Poirier used to say:

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We shouldn’t grow to the point where we become unable to personally serve our customers. ⋙

The thanatologist is a friend—and yet, no one seeks his services for themselves during their lifetime. You always resort to his services for the benefit of others, and in such trying circumstances that you can forget his tactful gestures and special attentions. He is constantly in contact with grieving people. He must perform his work with a constant seriousness that harmonizes with the mourning of his customers. The funeral director’s dignified attitude makes him a prominent citizen in all organizations. (Biographies canadiennes françaises, 1923 [translation])

Through five generations of thanatopractors, Magnus Poirier has established strong ties at all levels. Today, the Poirier house is perpetuated today by his grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren. Magnus Poirier has been serving the Greater Montréal population since its founding in 1923.

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Magnus Poirier

A long family tradition passed down from generation to generation