Funeral pre-arrangements

Plan your funeral pre-arrangements

Funeral pre-arrangements take the form of a contract between a person during their lifetime and a funeral company such as Magnus Poirier. This contract lets you specify every detail of your funeral: what the ceremony will be like, how the body or ashes will be disposed of, the coffin or urn you select, etc. Magnus Poirier will know exactly what to do and will take care of everything.

Prearranged funerals are becoming increasingly popular because of the benefits for those who choose this option and for their loved ones. Here are some of the benefits of pre-arrangements:

  • They will be honoured at the price fixed at the time of signature, even in the event of an increase in the cost of living.
  • They ensure that your loved ones and the funeral home respect your decisions regarding your funeral and your last wishes.
  • They avoid burdening your loved ones with the burden of arranging the funeral, when grief makes it difficult for them to make decisions.
  • They facilitate your succession through judicious planning—the result of discussions with one of our specialist counsellors and of your reflections in complete peace of mind

Additionally, you can cancel your prearranged funeral contract and recover your money in certain situations provided for by law

Regardless of your age, personal situation, origins, beliefs and customs, we offer you flexible and secure funeral planning that meets your needs.

In order to always serve you better and respect your wishes or those of your loved one, before any funeral pre-arrangement and arrangement, Magnus Poirier and your funeral director make sure that the beneficiary does not already have a funeral contract, as stipulated by the Registre des contrats d’arrangements funéraires préalables (link only available in French).

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