Cryonics service


Cryonics is defined as the study and production of low temperatures (below -150 °C). This technique is widely used in foods (frozen foods), medicine (sperm and tissue preservation, wart removal, etc.), physics (superconductivity) and more.

Recently, this “futuristic” technique has made its appearance in the funeral world, where those wanting to “cheat” death are turning to cryonics. In the hopes that science will continue to make progress, as of early 2019, there are an estimated 300 people around the world waiting in refrigerated boxes to be resuscitated one day.

We're ready

Magnus Poirier, always eager to offer its customers funeral products that are in step with our modern world, has joined up with a leader in cryonics, the Cryonics Institute of Detroit. The protocol for the preservation of bodies that are destined to be frozen prompted us to reach out to this institute to provide our transportation and embalming staff with exhaustive training. All equipment, fluid, transport protocols, assignments and transfer authorization are periodically updated so that we can immediately respond to a transfer alert to the facilities in Clinton Township near Detroit, Michigan.

To learn more about the subject and Magnus Poirier’s involvement in this type of disposal, please consult this article published by Radio-Canada(french only).

This mode of disposing of the body, however, requires that the customer have funeral pre-arrangements and that they be a member of the Cryonics Institute.

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