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Magnus Poirier, a family business

Magnus Poirier, a five-generation family business, has close to 200 employees, about 20 of whom are members of the Poirier family. The sense of belonging the Magnus Poirier team feels is reflected in the loyalty to the business of several employee families who have been involved with the company for generations.

Executive Committee


From left to right: Nancy Quesnel (Vice-President Operations), Jacques Poirier (President and Chief Executive Officer), Pierre Savard (Vice-President Finance) and Isabelle Poirier (Vice-President, Human Resources) [absent from the photo].

Magnus Poirier Direction Team

From left to right: 
Michel Gignac (Procurement Director), Nancy Quesnel (Vice-President of Operations), Marie-Josée April (Operations Director), Jacques Poirier (President and Chief Executive Officer), Nathalie Turcotte (Counsellor), Pierre Savard (Vice-President of Finances) and John Palazzo (Sales Director).

Worker shareholder cooperative (WSC)

The Magnus Poirier worker shareholder cooperative was established in 2001. It enabled its 135 members to become shareholders of the company as a group. This participation amounts to 25% of the company. The President and the Secretary-Treasurer sit on Magnus Poirier’s Board of Directors and, consequently, participate in decision-making.

Participating in the company increases employees’ sense of belonging and stimulates their desire to see it prosper. In addition, the cooperative it allows its members to build up an attractive retirement fund at a lower cost, thanks to the cooperative investment plan (CIP).

Through this WSC, Magnus Poirier became a cooperative in 2001.

Board of Directors of the Magnus Poirier WSC

Pierre Savard, President
Patrick Carvalho Arieira, Vice-president
Nicolas Blain, Secretary-Treasurer
Carole Tremblay, Administrator
Pascal Massé, Administrator
Denise Bélanger, Administrator
John Palazzo, Administrator