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Working in funeral services is bringing a balm to people who are going through times that are often difficult. Every detail counts and every member of our team feels like they are making a difference.

Our family business will soon be 100 years old. Our success is largely based on the values ​​of warmth, respect and listening that we put into practice for both our customers and our staff.

Of course, we also offer competitive salaries and benefits.

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A family spirit

More than employees

More than employees

By working at Magnus Poirier, you are not only an important member of the team, but you own part of the company. Our Employee Cooperative owns 25% of the shares of our organization. This way, in addition to everyone benefiting from our collective efforts, everyone really feels like part of the family.

Grow together

Grow together

Although we are a family business, many of our senior leaders have grown up in the organization over the years with us. We are proud to offer ALL members of our team, regardless of the position they hold, the opportunity to take advantage of numerous opportunities for advancement.

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