President from 1923 to 1958


Member of the Knights of Columbus. Churchwarden.

Board member of the Caisse Populaire St-Jean de la Croix, Club Canadien, Club St-Denis, Club de Réforme, Club Richelieu Montréal.

President of the Société St-Jean-Baptiste, the Société Saint-Vincent de Paul, and the Feast of Corpus Christi event for many parishes.

He was known for his dedication to his work, his selflessness, his excellent listening skills, and his community and social involvement.



President from 1959 to 1967


Daughter of Udgérie Guénette and Victorine Dubé, Ernestine Guénette was born in Saint-Jérôme on July 2, 1894.

A member of the Society of the Ladies of St. Anne and the Daughters of Isabella, she had 10 children, five of whom worked for the Magnus Poirier company.

She was a patient, meticulous and serious woman whose pastimes included needlepoint, copper enameling, and china painting. She valued respect and courtesy.

She served as president of Magnus Poirier from 1959 to 1967.



President from 1967 to 1988


Churchwarden and member of the Société St-Vincent de Paul.

Member of the board of directors of the Caisse Populaire St-Édouard, the Albert-Hudon and Patro summer camps, Club Richelieu Montréal, Club Optimiste Dante, Club Canadien, Club St-Denis, Ordre de la Patente, and Foyer Dante.

He was president of the fundraising campaigns for the Red Cross and the Canadian Cancer Society St-Léonard, and vice-president of the Funeral Directors Associations of Canada, Québec and Montréal.

He was a hard worker and a charismatic, civic-minded man. He forged ties with various cultural and ethnic communities that are still in place thanks to his extensive network of contacts.

A consummate communicator, he had outstanding interpersonal skills.



President from 1988 to 2005


Churchwarden and member of the Société St-Vincent de Paul.

Member of the board of directors of the Caisse Populaire St-André Apôtre, a Grand Knight of Columbus, a Sir Noble of the Order of the Alhambra, and a member of the Patriarchal Order of the Holy Cross of Jerusalem.

He served as president of the Funeral Directors Associations of Canada, Québec and Montréal and was a teacher at the Institut de Thanatologie.

He was whole-heartedly dedicated to his profession and to the development of professional practices. His devotion was expressed through his membership in several Catholic religious associations and groups.



President from 2005 to 2009


Vice-president of recreation for the Ste-Cécile and Holy Family parishes.

He also served at all levels of Club Richelieu, up to international president.

He was the founding president of Réseau Ado du Québec, the Société Montréal-Nord 2015, and the Angelman Foundation.

Member of the board of directors of Fonds de soutien des jeunes sans abris du Québec; Auberges du Coeur; Fleury, Marie-Clarac and Sacré-Coeur hospital foundations; Montréal-Nord and des Étoiles CLSC foundations; Muscular Dystrophy Association; Funeral Directors Associations of Québec and Montréal.

He was also a teacher at the Institut de thanatologie.



President from 2009 to date


Involved in the Optimist Club and the Marie-Clarac and Jeanne-Mance hospital foundations.

He is the founding president of Espérance de Vie - Enfants du monde and Basket de rue.

He is involved in the Italian, Haitian, Muslim and North African associations.

He is a hard worker and a visionary. His creative and innovative approach, his dedication to multiethnic and multi-faith causes, and his deep respect for individual beliefs and customs have earned him recognition and appreciation across the board.