À Montréal, le samedi 9 mars 2024 est décédé, à l'âge de 89 ans M. Isskandar Assli, époux de Mme Rose Al-Bacha.

Outre son épouse, il laisse dans le deuil ses filles Rita (George Abou Zidan), Samar (Jack Bou Habib) et Shirin (Raghid Azar), ses petits-enfants Jonathan (Katreen Maher), Alexander et Angela Bou Zidan, Elise, Christopher, Alain et Taline Bou Habib et Shirley Azar, sa soeur Souad (Ehsan Zalfa), sa tante Marie Bardaji ainsi que plusieurs neveux, nièces, autres parents et amis.

La famille vous accueillera au Complexe funéraire Magnus Poirier situé au 222, boul. des Laurentides à Laval, le mercredi 13 mars 2024 de 18h à 21h. Les funérailles seront célébrées le jeudi 14 mars 2024, à 12h30 en la Cathédrale St-Sauveur, 10025 Bd. de l'Acadie, Montréal, suivi de la mise en terre à 14h au Cimetière de Laval.

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Diala Batch

March 14, 2024

Que Dieu ait pitié de lui et l'accueille dans ses bras, j'espère que son âme reste parmi vous.

Alexander Abuzidan

March 13, 2024

It is very hard to lose you my lovely grandfather. You will always be in my heart. You are a wise, great, unforgettable person. I learned from you to be bold and strong person. You taught me that life is beautiful and I should enjoy and you advised me to have hobbies and this how will shape me as a better human person. I will never forget the trips I did in Syria and in Canada and I truly enjoyed every minute. Your heart is so beautiful and you taught me how to be calm and a forgiven person and I promise you that I will do the same as Jesus taught to forgive. Please forgive me too. The last thing that I told you I want you to be stand still and watch me get married; however, God has a different plan and now you are in a place every single person wishes to be. Until we meet, I want you to know I love you so much ❤️ Good bye Habibi.

Raghid Azar

March 13, 2024

It was very hard losing you Even though every time I asked you how you’re feeling and you always answered by ( Ana ktir mni7 ) and you smiled , because you don’t want us to be sad. I think now you are ktir mni7 in a better place with Jesus and virgin Mary as you’ve been asking them to be . I love you RIP my beloved Amo Isskandar … your beloved son in law Raghid

Anne-Marie Kmeid Jean-Claude Sfeir et famille

March 13, 2024

Losing someone dear to us is like watching a part of our own story fade away. Today, as we grieve the passing of my uncle Iskandar, we gather not only to grieve but also to celebrate a life that touched ours in profound ways. Khalo, your presence was like a sturdy oak tree, its roots deeply embedded in the soil of our shared memories. You stood tall, weathering life’s storms with resilience and grace. You taught us by example, showing us how to navigate life’s twists and turns. When we stumbled, you extended a hand, guiding us back onto the path of courage and integrity. Khalo, your physical presence may be gone, but your essence remain. It resides in the stories we share and the quiet moments when we pause to reflect. Your were not just an uncle; you were a compass, pointing us toward goodness and purpose. May your memory be a blessing, and may we continue to learn from the legacy you leaved behind 🙏🏻 Anne-Marie