Funeral attendant




POSITION: Funeral Attendant
Magnus Poirier Inc., 7388 Viau Street, Montreal, Quebec, H1S 2N9

For the department mentioned above, we are looking for funeral attendants with relevant service experience.


  1. Transport the deceased from the living room to the church and then to the cemetery, according to established guidelines and protocol.
  2. Drive cars (limousine, hearse, pram) at funerals, depending on experience and probationary period.


  • He (she) must have and maintain a valid driver's license
  • Bilingualism is required, an evaluation will be requested
  • Proficiency in a third language will be considered an asset
  • Courtesy, careful diction and respectful conduct are mandatory
  • Exemplary cleanliness is required
  • Able to manage stress and that of other stakeholders during intense periods of traffic
  • He (she) will have to carry out all the tasks specific to this function according to the established protocols
  • He (she) must have communication skills with people experiencing bereavement
  • Due to considerable physical effort, good physical health is required. A medical evaluation may be required.
  • Compliance with the mission, the promise, the code of ethics as well as the values ​​of the company must be among the priorities of the candidate in the actions taken.

Part-time job as requested, must be available twenty-six (26) weekends per year.

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