Saint-Denis Funeral Home in Montreal

Our Funeral Home

facade st denis fini enAt the Saint-Denis Funeral Complex, you can count on a warm reception. Our staff will help you with anything you need and will guide you regarding the elements that you need to consider and the decisions that must be made at this important time of life.

Our team
Nathalie Poirier, Director  


Our facilities

The Saint-Denis Funeral Complex is equipped with all the facilities needed for you to pay one last tribute in a highly personalized manner: three funeral parlors, a reception hall and a rest area, as well as a range of services such as a caterer, a florist and thank-you cards. The Saint-Denis Funeral Complex’s facilities are accessible to disabled persons. An elevator and exterior parking are available.

To Contact Us

6520 Saint-Denis St., Montréal, Québec H2S 2R9
Phone: (514) 727-2847
Fax: (514) 277-2136


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